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1-16 CIB Black BB Cap
1-16 CIB Blue BB Cap
1-16 Iron Ranger CIB Patch
1-16 Iron Ranger Workout Grey T-Shirt
1-16 Plain CIB
16th 150th Anniversary Pin
16th Coat of Arms BB Cap
16th Coffee Mug
16th Crest Pin
16th Crest Silk Tie
16th Crossed Rifle Pin
16th Crossed Rifle Silk Tie
16th Infantry Crossed Rifle Bumper Sticker
16th Regiment Crest Decal
16th Regimental Crest Patch Laser Cut
2-16 CIB Black BB Cap
2-16 CIB Blue BB Cap
2-16 Hooded Sweatshirt Lt. Blue
2-16 Plain CIB
2-16 Ranger Diamond Black Wicking T-Shirt
2-16 Rangers CIB Patch
2011 Challenge Coin Anniversary Edition
2012 Challege Coin Ike's Praetorians
2013 Challenge Coin Gettysburg 150th Anniversary
2014 Challenge Coin D-Day
2015 Challenge Coin Viet Nam 50th Anniv
2016 Challenge Coin Desert Storm
2017 Challenge Coin WWI
5-16 Black BB Cap
5-16 CIB Blue BB Cap
5-16 CIB Patch
5th FA Crest Pin
American Flag Pin
American Flag Tie
Boonie Hat
Challenge Coin Super Pack
CIB Patch
Crossed Rifle Bandana
Crossed Rifle Pins (Pair)
Crossed Rifles Blue T-Shirt
Crossed Rifles Tan T-Shirt
Grey Hair Viet Nam Patch
Ladies Diamond T-Shirt
Mini Afghanistan Pin
Mini CAB Pin
Mini CIB Pin
Mini Iraq Pin
Mini Southwest Asia Pin
Mini Viet Nam Pin
Mock Turtle 16th Infantry Crest Navy
Mock Turtle 16th Infantry Crest White
Mock Turtle Crossed Rifles Navy
Mock Turtle Crossed Rifles White
POW/MIA Lapel Pin
Purple Heart Mini
Ranger Diamond Decal
Ranger Diamond Jacket Patch
Ranger Diamond Patch
Ranger Diamond Pin
Regimental Crest Bandana
Regimental Bolo Tie
Regimental Coat of Arms Pin
Regimental Crest Patch Gold Embroidered
Regimental History by Baumgartner
Saving Private Ryan Book
Straight from the Gut - Bandito Charlie
Univ of SE Asia Decal
US Army 16th Inf BB Cap Brown
Viet Nam Ribbon Patch


Home > Site Map

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